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2 hours ago

Coinbase Asset Management creates a tokenized money market fund. Ferrari announces acceptance of cryptocurrency payments in Europe. Plus, Paraguay's dangerous dalliance with cryptocurrency.Sources: Introduction(00:00:40) Report: Coinbase Asset Management Creating Tokenized Money Market Fund(00:03:45) Ferrari to accept cryptocurrency payments in Europe(00:06:05) Paraguay's dangerous dalliance with cryptocurrency(00:09:05) Paraguay's dangerous dalliance with cryptocurrency

2 days ago

Citi upgrades Coinbase as regulatory landscape improves for cryptocurrencies. Mexico becomes a leader in Bitcoin ATM installations. Plus, cryptocurrency market fluctuations and top gainers. Also, Bitget exclusively lists Upland's SPARKLET token, boosting cryptocurrency offerings.Sources: Introduction(00:00:39) Biden's Exit Spurs Bullish Outlook? Citi Upgrades Coinbase Amid Favorable Crypto Regulatory Shifts(00:02:50) Mexico's Advancement in Bitcoin ATM Deployment Reflects Growing Cryptocurrency Utilization(00:06:18) Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin Dips Below $66,000, ENS Remains Top Gainer(00:09:30) Bitget to Exclusively List Upland's SPARKLET Token, Boosts Cryptocurrency Offerings

3 days ago

US SEC approves the first spot Ether ETF, marking a milestone for the crypto industry. Senator Cynthia Lummis stirs curiosity with a cryptic message. Plus, insights into crypto liquidity convergence and the beginner's guide to investing in cryptocurrency.Sources: Introduction(00:00:43) US SEC nod to first spot Ether ETF to begin trading on Tuesday(00:03:14) Pro-Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis Stirs Crypto Community With 'Big Things Are In Store This Week' Message(00:05:52) Spot Ether ETFs to Start Trading Today amid SEC’s Final Approval(00:09:07) The Beginner's Guide To Investing In Cryptocurrency

4 days ago

President Biden's decision not to run for re-election creates uncertainty in the crypto market. A top trader reveals his strategy for Ethereum-linked coins. Plus, a complete guide to Bitcoin ETFs in Australia and a former cryptocurrency exec pleads guilty to stealing millions.Sources: Introduction(00:00:40) Biden's Out: The Crypto Market's Uncertainty over Kamala Harris' Unknown Stance(00:03:34) Top Crypto Trader Reveals Why He's 'More Interested' In These Ethereum-Linked Coins(00:06:13) Bitcoin ETFs In Australia: The Complete Guide(00:08:43) Former cryptocurrency exec from Westport pleads guilty to stealing $4.46 million

5 days ago

A former cryptocurrency executive pleads guilty to stealing millions. India's crypto industry awaits tax reform. The launch of spot ethereum ETFs could impact the broader crypto market. Bitcoin option traders bet on a price breakout ahead of the US elections. Stay informed with Simply Crypto's analysis of these key stories.Sources: Introduction(00:00:45) Former cryptocurrency exec from Westport pleads guilty to stealing $4.46 million(00:02:36) Budget 2024: Will India see a reduction in TDS and other taxes that currently exist in crypto?(00:06:04) How spot ether ETF launch may impact the broader crypto market (Cryptocurrency:ETH-USD)(00:09:15) Bitcoin Option Traders Are Betting On A Price Breakout Ahead Of US Elections: QCP Capital

6 days ago

Explore the growing infrastructure and challenges of institutional investment in cryptocurrency. Discover the potential surge of meme coins by 222%-224% in July. Stay informed about the evolving crypto landscape and the opportunities it presents for investors.Sources: Introduction(00:00:46) Institutional Investment in Cryptocurrency: The Growing Infrastructure and Challenges(00:03:08) Cryptocurrency: 3 Meme Coins Set To Spike By 222%-224% In July(00:05:34) Cryptocurrency Bonk's Price Increased More Than 21% Within 24 hours(00:08:01) We Asked ChatGPT if Ripple (XRP) Can Become a Top 3 Cryptocurrency This Year

7 days ago

WazirX cryptocurrency exchange suspends withdrawals after $230 million worth of cryptos stolen in a hack. Dave Portnoy foresees Bitcoin's surge if Trump triumphs in November election. Plus, the latest on the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin remaining below $65,000 and concerns among investors due to the WazirX breach.Sources: Introduction(00:00:44) WazirX suspends withdrawals after $230 million worth of cryptos stolen in a hack(00:03:20) Bitcoin Bull Dave Portnoy Foresees King Crypto's Surge If Trump Triumphs In November Election: 'It's Gonna Rip'(00:06:44) WazirX Cryptocurrency Exchange Loses $230 Million in Major Security Breach(00:10:13) Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin Remains Below $65,000, WazirX Breach Concerns Investors

7 days ago

WazirX, India's largest cryptocurrency exchange, suffers a massive $230 million hack, leading to the suspension of withdrawals. Plus, Russia introduces regulations on cryptocurrency mining to address energy concerns. Also, the cryptocurrency market experiences a dip as Bitcoin falls below $65,000.Sources: Introduction(00:00:42) WazirX Suffers $230M Hack, Suspends Withdrawals Amid Security Breach(00:02:49) India's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked For $235 Million(00:05:33) Cryptocurrency Price Today: Bitcoin Dips Below $65,000, Lido DAO Becomes Top Gainer(00:08:14) Russia regulates cryptocurrency mining to address energy concerns

Monday Jul 15, 2024

Bitcoin rises to $63,000 after Trump attack; Altcoins jump up to 6%. BitConnect's Australian frontman has been convicted but released. Plus, a deep dive into the crypto regulatory landscape in Chile. Also, the recent assassination attempt on Trump and its impact on the cryptocurrency market.Sources: Introduction(00:00:37) Bitcoin rises to $63,000 after Trump attack; Altcoins jump up to 6%(00:01:44) BitConnect’s Australian Frontman Has Been Convicted but Released(00:03:16) Crypto Regulations In Chile 2024(00:06:41) Bitcoin Jumps Past $60,000 Mark Following Trump Rally Shooting

Sunday Jul 14, 2024

A Hanoi-based company vice director is investigated for a billion-dollar illegal cryptocurrency ring. The SEC lawsuit against Ripple impacts XRP's dip. Plus, an opinion piece explores if Bitcoin is still a good investment. Also, Hong Kong authorities gain experience in disrupting illicit crypto activities.Sources: Introduction(00:00:43) Hanoi-based company vice director investigated for billion-dollar illegal cryptocurrency ring(00:03:18) Exploring the XRP dip: impacts and implications of the SEC lawsuit on Ripple's cryptocurrency(00:07:22) What’s the go with crypto: Is Bitcoin still a good investment?(00:08:18) Hong Kong authorities ‘gaining experience’ in disrupting illicit crypto activities


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